Watch Jen Thayer Miami’s Queen of Cars Window Trim a 2008 Pontiac G6

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2 min readAug 30, 2021
Jennifer Thayer

Miami, FL

If you’ve purchased a Pontiac G-6 you’re probably happy with it. It’s a nice ride, dependable, and fun to drive, but you may have noticed it comes with a chrome window trim that most car enthusiasts absolutely hate! But what to do about it? Miami’s Queen of Cars Jennifer Thayer has come to the rescue with a video showing how she replaced that ugly trim with something far more lit. Check out the video on YouTube as she meticulously goes through the process. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to her channel.

About Jennifer Thayer

Jennifer Thayer’s career path is anything but traditional. She got her start as a hip-hop dancer after high school but soon realized that wasn’t her true passion as a long-term career. What piqued her interest was gaming and she found herself drawn into a newfound community of gamers. After two years of streaming on Twitch, she moved to other apps and sites. And she eventually found her way to social media’s TikTok, where she has become uber-successful as an influencer/model sharing lip syncs, dance, and comedy videos.

For many that would be the end of the story — a successful career as a TikTok Influencer — But Jennifer is only just beginning to come into her own especially with her true passion — cars. It’s a lane dominated by men but she’s carving a path for herself as the go-to ‘Queen of Cars,’ in Miami.

Need proof? Check out her growing following of gear heads on her YouTube channel where she shares her car building and repair knowledge with other car enthusiasts like herself.


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