Veteran DC Consultant Leroy Williams Jr. Launches Go Fund Me Campaign For Code Cracking: Government Contracts National Podcast

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Leroy Williams Jr. Host of Code Cracking: Government Contracts

Washington, DC

On August 1st, 2017, DC Consultant/former journalist Leroy Williams Jr., launched a Go Fund Me Campaign to support the production of Code Cracking: Government Contracts; a national podcast that will assist small business owners with securing lucrative contracts. Williams’
Go Fund Me campaign aims to raise $7,000 to hire a production team to help produce the bi-weekly podcast.

Williams has offered counsel to many small business owners on what can be a frustrating and bureaucratic process to compete for B2G contracts. Those he’s assisted have encouraged him to share his expertise and wealth of knowledge about securing contracting opportunities.

“I think a podcast is a great platform to share details about the process, said Williams. “The reality is, many small business owners and entrepreneurs would like to win a contract but they don’t know how to apply or even bid on one. “The Code Cracking: Government Contracts podcast will explain the process step by step in an informative and entertaining way with special guests and experts,” Williams said.

Producing a quality national podcast requires funds. Williams is requesting Go Fund Me start up financial support to hire a freelance producer, line up outstanding guests, and promote Code Cracking: Government Contracts.

Williams says what makes Code Cracking: Government Contracts unique is listeners will learn the ins and outs of doing business with the agencies of the United States government and governmental and special-purpose entities at the state and municipal levels, from the perspective of an individual who writes the proposals required to win contracts.

“Our team is excited to embark on this journey. With your support we will produce a quality program that will really aid the small business owner,” said Williams.


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