Tandaleya Wilder’s ‘She Got Game®’ Sports Minute’ is Your Daily Dose of Trending News in the World of Women’s Sports

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3 min readApr 13, 2023
Tandaleya Wilder Presents the She Got Game® Sports Minute

Miami, Florida

If you’re a fan of women’s sports, you know how hard it can be to find reliable, unfiltered, news and analysis. That’s where “She Got Game® Sports Minute” comes in — a daily podcast on YouTube that delivers the latest women’s sports news in under five minutes. Hosted by longtime public radio sports journalist Tandaleya Wilder, “She Got Game® Sports Minute” is a go-to source for anyone who wants to stay updated on the world of women’s sports.

What you might not know is that the “She Got Game® Sports Minute” was inspired by Wilder’s launch 20 years ago of the nation’s first women’s sports internet radio show “She Got Game®: A Celebration of Women in Sports.” The Gracie-Award Winning broadcast was syndicated as 1-hour sports specials on several public radio stations before its run ended due to budget constraints.

Even so, Wilder’s, passion for women’s sports never faltered. As the CEO of She Got Game Media, a Miami PR and Radio Sports Production Agency, she created the “She Got Game Sports Minute” to continue to provide sports enthusiasts with access to reliable and engaging content. Her daily podcast covers a variety of women’s sports, including basketball, tennis, soccer, golf and boxing, with a flare for analysis that is insightful and on point.

“Tandaleya is a pioneering sports journalist whose passion and dedication are truly inspiring. Her She Got Game® Sports Minute is just one example of the important content she creates, which plays a critical role in amplifying women’s voices in the world of sports. Girls and women in sports need to continue to play and compete with emotion and passion.” Susan Summons, WBL Legendary Hall of Fame Coach.

In addition to providing women’s sports news, Wilder is also passionate about discussing social issues affecting women and girl athletes. For years she has spotlight the lack of coverage and support for women’s sports and its impact.

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