South Florida Author Q. Alexander Launches Dangerous Intentions Book Tour

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Author Q. Alexander

Miami, FL

In her self-published memoir Dangerous Intentions Mouth Full of Lies, South Florida Author Quanese aka Q. Alexander details her experience in a relationship full of passion, love and betrayal. This riveting page turner shares how a person can be sold a dream and experience a nightmare. “I made it through these experiences and was inspired to write about them not only as therapy for me, but to help others who may be going through similar experiences as well,” said Alexander.

Following a successful Book Launch Party September 30th, 2017 at Krave Restaurant & Lounge in Sunrise, FL.,as well as several radio show appearances, Alexander now embarks on her first South Florida Book Tour. During the Dangerous Intentions Book Tour, Alexander invites her fans to dive into her story as she travels the state visiting fearless men and women at restaurants, beauty shops and barber shops.

“ This won’t be your traditional book tour, where I am just sitting behind a table signing books,” said Alexander. My aim is to share my relationship story but also hear other people’s stories as well. I am curious to know what kind of “dangerous intentions,” you’ve dealt with in your personal life and how you’ve fearlessly dealt with them,” she said.

Alexander dedicates Dangerous Intentions Mouth Full of Lies to all the fearless women and men of the world, especially those in South Florida who have shown fearlessness in the face of abusive relationships.

“ A must read for every young woman who is going through struggles. Young men will find it a great read as well,” said Miami Beach resident Corinthian Williams.

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Fearless Woman Fragrance by Quanese Alexander

Besides being a self-published author, Q. Alexander is an entrepreneur who has created her own women’s fragrance, aptly named, Fearless Woman.

​Every woman has something that is a “must have” whether it’s a pair of shoes, a handbag, or the perfect piece of jewelry. Q loves different fragrances and always gets compliments on her scent. She thought to herself one day, why not come up with my very own fragrance?

Alexander says the samples have gotten rave reviews and she is super excited to officially launch the fragrance Fearless Woman in early 2018. Pre-orders will be available on her website.

You can pick up your copy of the book Dangerous Intentions Mouth Full of Lies at . Join the VIP mailing list on the site and follow Q’s event schedule to find out when the Dangerous Intentions book tour heads to your community. Q wants to meet you!

Media Contact: Publicist Tandi Wilder/She Got Game Media.

To book Q. Alexander as a speaker or invite her as a partner at your event please call (305) 520–9703

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