South Beach Rocker Al LoJack Releases Treat Her Nice Music Video

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3 min readJan 19, 2021

Miami Beach, Florida

What happens when an otherwise faithful musician is seduced by his girlfriend’s sexy best friend? Not exactly what you might imagine when it goes down in an Al LoJack video. The South Beach Rocker released Treat Her Nice a hilarious video, produced pre-covid with all kinds of shenanigans going down. LoJack is known for his over the top video productions showcasing guitar rifts and rising star Miami models and actresses. “Treat Her Nice,” LoJack’s third video, was shot by an elite South Beach production company.

“There’s a crazy theme to all the videos,” the South Beach Rocker asserts. “Nothing is what it appears to be. An innocent game of dominoes in my imagination, gets corrupted and taken to a whole another level.”

LoJack said he decided to release the video to provide a little lighthearted fun during these covid downer days. My team and I had a blast shooting this video pre covid and hopefully watching it will bring a little over the top and unbridled joy to those who watch it.”

About Al LoJack

Al LoJack

Innovative musician, Al LoJack, was born to create. His unique, diverse sound mingles with influences from a wide-range of artists that were prominent in shaping his raw, universe of possibilities. He credits the music of Jimmy Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Motown, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Adele, U2, Green Day, Queen, and a host of other incredible artists for stirring his creative juices and igniting his own internal flame.

Born somewhere here on planet Earth and raised along the sandy coastlines of Miami Beach, LoJack was engulfed by the beauty of hard beach bodies, swaying palms, cool breezes, and hot muggy nights. This paradise backdrop continues to fuel his compositional themes; however, his music…

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