South Beach Musician Al Lojack’s New ‘EE AH’ Video Will Make You Want to Line Dance

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3 min readJul 13, 2023
Al LoJack


Miami Beach, FL — January 10, 2024— South Beach musician Al Lojack is making waves in the music industry with the release of his latest single and video, “EEE, A, AH, A, AH, A.” The captivating song with the quriky name, showcases Lojack’s unique musical style and lyrical prowess, delivering a creative, line-dancing, message-driven experience for viewers.

With “EEE, A, AH, A, AH, A,” Lojack pushes the boundaries of conventional music, offering a raw and unfiltered exploration of contemporary issues. The song’s infectious rhythm and evocative lyrics leave an indelible impression, engaging listeners on multiple levels.

Lojack’s poignant lyrics address a range of societal themes, delving into topics such as deception, immunization, proselytization, and the struggle for individuality in a conformist world. Through his thought-provoking verses, he challenges listeners to question prevailing norms and encourages introspection.

Supported by an energetic and dynamic musical arrangement, “EEE, A, AH, A, AH, A” captivates with its blend of rock, alternative, and experimental black and white visual elements, everything from line dancers, and a hypnotized couple, to an audience of young Asians going gaga over a local band. Lojack’s own signature guitar solos serve as a testament to his instrumental prowess, adding depth and intensity to the overall sonic experience.

This release is set to resonate strongly with fans of alternative and rock music, as well as those seeking music that pushes boundaries and sparks intellectual discourse. Al Lojack’s fearless exploration of societal issues combined with his distinctive musical style makes “EEE, A, AH, A, AH, A” a must-listen for music enthusiasts looking for something fresh and thought-provoking.

“I had a great supporting cast on this song. Yaveth Soto provided some of the creative background vocals, the uber -talented bass guitarist David…



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