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Tampa, FL

Smart Meter is proud to announce the launch of their new website introducing the iGlucose® Diabetes Care Solution. The dynamic new site is available at

The iGlucose Diabetes Care Solution offers an easy, affordable diabetes care solution for people with diabetes and their circle of care, said Cliff McIntosh, CEO of Smart Meter. “We understand the challenges that come along with managing diabetes, said McIntosh. Whether you’re a person living with diabetes, their concerned loved one, healthcare provider, or payer, our goal is to lessen the burden of diabetes by simplifying diabetes management.”

The iGlucose System automatically shares data immediately upon checking your blood glucose. It eliminates the extra steps of downloading data or syncing devices before results can be reviewed to see trends and outliers.

“The relaunch of our website was an integral part of informing people of the exciting potential of the iGlucose Diabetes Care System.” McIntosh said the interactive site is easier to navigate, includes social media integration and offers a place to buy the iGlucose System. “It highlights the many advantages of the iGlucose System including our capability to seamlessly transfer data into patient health records.”

Please visit and see how Smart Meter’s iGlucose Diabetes Care Solution redefines diabetes management.

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