She Got Game Media Launches Car Shoppers Shuttle™ GoFundMe

Car Shoppers Shuttle™ Aims to Make Car Shopping Convenient, Easier and Fun!

Miami, Florida

Most people dislike the car shopping experience. Why?

· They distrust car salesmen;

· It’s too time consuming;

· They dislike haggling; and,

· They fear buying a “lemon!”

The idea of owning a new car is exciting, but the process of negotiating “just isn’t fun.”

Now there’s an innovative service that strives to help make your car shopping experience headache-free. It’s called the Car Shoppers’ Shuttle.™

Climb aboard The Car Shoppers’ Shuttle™ as we venture to three car dealerships in search of your new set of wheels. We’ll provide you and 20 other car shoppers with a swag bag filled with a host of perks. Don’t miss this interactive experience that provides dealership coupons and other rewards!

We’ll pick up and drop you off at a convenient location. Why go through this daunting process alone?

The Car Shoppers’ Shuttle™ is an innovative business model benefiting car shoppers, car dealers and Millennials looking to strategize and socialize during this newfound car shopping experience.

The Car Shoppers’ Shuttle™ will empower, impact and enhance the car buying experience for those without transportation. When you need your own set of wheels and Uber, Lyft, the local bus, or taxi just won’t do.

“Through GoFundMe we are seeking start-up funds to build an online application and launch a major promotional and advertising campaign,” said Tandaleya Wilder, President of She Got Game Media. She said the funds will help defray the cost of driving this new concept into the market.

“We really want to make the experience fun and empowering for riders, similar to a casino bus trip,” Wilder said.

Visit to learn more. Wilder said the shuttle will launch in South Florida, but the ultimate goal is expansion into other markets.

She encourages everyone to support the GoFundMe for Car Shoppers Shuttle™ with the goal of helping to make the Car shopping experience a little better for everyone.

For media inquiries or for more information contact Tandi Wilder at (305) 520–9703.

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