‘Seeking’ Staged Reading Draws Cheers, Tears, and a Standing Ovation at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts

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4 min readJul 27, 2022
Darius V. Daughtry (Center) and the Cast of Seeking

Fort Lauderdale, FL

A standing ovation and cheers from the audience. It is what every actor and playwright seeks and adores, and it’s exactly what the cast of Seeking received at the Broward Center of Performing Arts during a staged reading of this original play by Broward County’s Darius V. Daughtry.

The play, Seeking is how a young musician’s quest for independence leads him to discover how instrumental his family’s past is to him in finding his future.

Daughtry staged this production only two weeks after a successful run of his play, Merchants of Venice, at the Victory Black Box Theater. Risky? Perhaps. But Daughtry has a special trust and relationship with his actors and knew they could pull it off. And he was correct. They didn’t disappoint. The cast was outstanding and, gauging from the reaction of many people in the audience, Seeking was more than a staged reading of a play. It felt like a much-needed therapy session. During the talkback portion of the program, there were tears from family members, friends, and even strangers, who connected with the story in their own personal way.

Writer/Director Darius V. Daughtry

Seeking, said Daughtry, is mostly autobiographical.

“I began writing Seeking as an exploration of my personal journey and relationships that have helped form who I am. This play takes a deep a deep dive into how influence and inspiration guide us,” he said.

The production was part of the Broward Center’s Art For Action: Black Voices initiative, which aims to use the arts as a tool or catalyst to heighten awareness, deepen knowledge, and mobilize action on social justice issues.

Black Voices initiatives are generously supported by JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

One audience member asked what is needed to make Seeking the Play it deserves to be. Daughtry simply said, “Funding.”

To donate, visit the website www.artprevailsproject.org



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