Renowned Bassist David Hadley Ray Launches New Music Blog

David Hadley Ray

Washington, DC

Renaissance man David Hadley Ray, is known for playing and touring with many legendary musicians including, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, Bo Didley, “Cream” Poet/Lyricist Pete Brown, and Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones, among others.

Now this international musician, writer, and amateur photographer has launched a new blog , sharing his love for music, writing, and favorite visuals.

“My love of music, and the hope of playing it better, has provided me with comfort that can’t be measured,” said Hadley Ray. With this blog I invite avid music lovers on a personal journey as I share some of my own compositions, catch up with some of my favorite musicians through in-depth interviews, and and offer readers a few visual surprises,” said Hadley Ray.

The blog includes a gallery of famous musicians Hadley Ray has collaborated with including The Time’s front man Morris Day. Listeners can also enjoy some of Hadley Ray’s compositions via Sound Cloud.

Hadley Ray’s advice to new musicians.. “Play from the heart. The technique comes with study, but if you allow it to happen, music can provide peace of mind, soul and spirit. Trust me, I know.”


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