Rapper Scotty Sterling releases New Music “Check Check”

The Haitian Hip Hop/R&B Artist is Planning a College Tour

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$cotty $terling

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Miami, Florida

On January 1, 2019, Hip Hop/R&B artist Scotty Sterling aka $cotty $terling released his latest single entitled, “Check Check.” The Haitian rapper has been writing music since the age of 15 and states that his biggest influencers were Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco, and Eminem.

Check Check is Scotty’s first single of the year and he will be adding it to his set list for his upcoming college tour. Sterling considers himself a conscious rapper and he loves performing before “woke” college audiences.

Scotty’s lyrics are inspired by real life situations which allows him to relate to his audience and connect to his listeners on a deeper level. Check Check directly communicates Scotty’s perspective about making moves, deals and money.

Scotty’s quote that he stand by is: “You either do it or you don’t. Change it or you won’t.”

Learn more about Scotty Sterling at scottysterling.com

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For Bookings Contact:

Gary Jean Baptiste


To interview Scotty Sterling contact She Got Game Media at sggmedia305@gmail.com.

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