Q/A With Hip Hop Artist Jayko

When it Comes to His 1st LP the Ohio-Based Rapper Wants You to Know There’s ‘More To It’

By SGG Media Staff, April 27,2021

Meet Jayko

Q: Jayko tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from and what first got you into music?

J: I’m from Pittsburgh, I been in Ohio since 2009 though. I always played with music but never really locked in. I bought all my own equipment early this year. It’s been up ever since.

Q: In three words, describe yourself as an artist?

J: It’s A Vibe

Q: What type of music do you create?

J: I feel it’s different. On this album, I came with a couple different styles to show versatility. Its music anyone can catch a vibe too, from track 1 to track 12.

Q: Tell us about your new LP. It has a provocative title More To It: The Album. What’s that about?

J: Yeah, this is my first project ‘More To It: The Album’. I gave it this name because there is another side that even people that somewhat know me, don’t know about. You can swing it so many ways. There’s usually more to everything, passed what the eye can see or what the ear can hear, so yeah.

Q: What inspired this project?

J: This is my first album. When I first bought my equipment, I was recording just to do it. I started sending tracks to different people in my circle & it started to pick up steam. The more people I let hear my shit, the more positive feedback I got. Now here we are.

Q: Take us through the names of each track on the album.

J: Calabasas, Catch The Wave, Bag, Harder, Talk Heavy, I Like The Pressure, Keep It Player, Doin My Best, Classic, Str8 To The Money, I Want You & Cant Play

Q: Which track is your personal favorite?

J: It’s hard for me to pick but I would have to say ‘I Like The Pressure’. This shit been changing daily since I dropped though.

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?

J: Wayne, Jeezy, Hov, Wiz & Pac

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

J: Durk, DaBaby & Wiz

Q: If you can open a show for any artist, who would it be?

J: Drake, you know the check coming doing anything with Drizzy.

Q: How would you describe the state of the music business these days for the independent artist?

J: It’s the best way to go from what I hear. As an artist, I’m new to the game so outside of going in the studio and making fire, I got some shit to learn.

Q: Some say rappers are a dime a dozen. What is it about your style that you think will resonate with fans and help take you to the next level?

J: It’s a different sound. The vibe is there, the wordplay is there & no cap in my rap. I also think the shit I rap about, a lot of people can relate. The industry diluted man, the people want authenticity.

Q: What is the one message you would like to give to your fans?

J: Being that this is my first tape, it’s been getting a lot of love. So first, thank you for that. Second, I just started getting in my bag with music this year so it’s up. Stay tuned in, I got a lot of hot shit coming.

Q: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t your music career?

J: I play with some real estate too. Stocks. A little this, a little that.

Q: Has music always been a passion?

J: Always! I don’t even watch TV. I listen to music 24/7. I think that’s why creating music comes easy to me. I know what good music sound like.

Q: If you had one music industry wish that could be granted what would it be?

J: #1 on Billboard Top 100.

Q: Where can we find your music?

J: More To It: The Album is available on all Streaming Platforms, go grab that!

Q: Where can we connect with you on Social Media?

J: Instagram & Twitter @Therealjayko100

Q: Have you done any live events like open mics?

J: Hell naw, this shit just getting going. I see some coming in the near future.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

J: Yeah, I got two or three more projects coming this year. Im working on a tape with my first cousin Blaco & a my second project currently. Then I plan to drop another album later in the year.


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