Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade Encourages Participation in International Coastal Cleanup Day

Miami, Florida

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Coastal Cleanup in Miami

Ocean trash is a serious pollution problem that affects the health of people, marine life, and local economies. Join the world’s largest volunteer effort for our ocean Saturday morning, September 21, 2019 during International Coastal Cleanup Day at locations all over Dade County.

The initiative was started by The Ocean Conservancy. This world-wide coastal cleanup brings attention to a pervasive problem: marine debris. Marine debris is human-generated waste that ends up in coastal and marine areas. Not only is it unsightly, it can wreak havoc on the environment causing problems such as the breaking down of plastic items into micro plastics (which birds, fish, and even corals can ingest), interference with successful sea turtle nesting, and more.

“The impact that marine debris has on human and marine life alike cannot be understated, said John J. Quick, President of the Parks Foundation of Miami Dade. Marine debris and litter reduces the biodiversity of our oceans, degrades the coastline itself, and diminishes the significant social and economic benefits we get from having the ocean and coastline in our relative backyard. Leaving our mark on the world through service is far more desirable than leaving a mark through littering. With that in mind, the Parks Foundation invites you to join us on this special day as we help to clean up our coast.”

Join the effort to keep our coast clean! You can even clean up by kayak or paddle board. The more hands, the better, so register today!

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