Musicheads A&R Aubrey Banks to Launch Why Not Me? Masterclass

Atlanta, GA

Musicheads Inc., a lifestyle/motivation brand based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, announced that its Brand Architect and CEO Aubrey Banks, will offer Why Not Me? a new Entertainment /Lifestyle Masterclass. Banks is a Grammy nominated music producer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. With the Why Not Me? Masterclass, he will share advice, tips and guidance that has helped him achieve success as a multiple stream entrepreneur.

Through a series of candid video lessons tailored to the individual student, Banks will speak his fearless truth and share his experiences with rising star artists, athletes and musicians on how to navigate and negotiate business contracts, brand themselves and be an effective social media influencer.

“The Why Not Me? Masterclass is an exclusive offering for creatives who are ready to take their career or brand to the next level,” said Banks. Unlike other Masterclasses, the focus is on quality versus quantity. That’s why I am committing to working with just a small select number of Masterclass students who want an intense one on one professional collaboration,” said Banks.

“The Why Not Me? Masterclass participants are creatives who believe they deserve Success, Wealth and Happiness, but may be missing that one ingredient that gives them the confidence to elevate their talent.

“Life is the one thing we all try to master but never seem to get 100% right. Sometimes there’s still self-doubt when you work hard, you’re good to people, and you invest in yourself, yet you see others prosper way more than you. I’ve been there and was able to push through and achieve success. My aim with this Masterclass is to help participants have the confidence to ask Why Not Me?,” said Banks.

Select participants will be able to register for the Why Not Me? Masterclass online in May 2021.

To book an initial consultation with Aubrey Banks and get placed on the waiting list to register for the Why Not Me? Masterclass drop an email to Banks at


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