Miami Top Model Quinten Barnard Pens His First Book “Thoughts Become Things”

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Quinten Barnard

Miami, FL

Miami top Model and Fitness Enthusiast Quinten Barnard has launched his first book “Thoughts Become Things. A Spiritual Guide of 150 Affirmations and Quotes.”

The book, Barnard’s first, is a spiritual guide of 150 Affirmations & Quotes aimed at generating positive thinking of the mind. It is available as a paperback and ebook on

Barnard said the book encompasses affirmations of his deepest self reflection and connection while spending time in Maui, Hawaii. He said he was inspired by the beauty of the land and the people.

“The land of Maui wow! Being out there was truly magical and I felt closest to God. The things we ponder on eventually manifest in our lives. I truly believe that overcoming any obstacle in life takes a positive mind, however, a great deal of will and energy is also needed. These quotes and peaceful affirmations are my truths,”said Barnard.

Barnard launched “Thoughts become Things,” in September 2019 during a special book signing event in South Beach, Miami,at the art gallery owned by International artist Romero Britto. Britto endorsed the book and nicknamed the author the “Tennessee Williams of inspiration.”

Artist Romero Britto and guest Introduces Author/Model Quinten Barnard in South Beach

Barnard said it was an honor to launch his book at Britto’s gallery. “Romero is not only an exceptional artist but a great human being and a beacon of positivity,” said Barnard.

Barnard wrote the book “Thoughts Become Things,” to help encourage and remind readers that love and positivity can change the direction of anyone who is in need. “It is my hope that reading this guide will bring you closer to your highest self,” said Barnard.

Among some of the aspirations in the book include:

Becoming Aware

Gaining Focus

Developing Leadership Qualities

Worrying Less

Finding Enjoyment in the Beauty of Things

Taking Care of the Body

Living on Luck and More

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Barnard said he leaned heavily on his Christian faith when penning the book and his personal motto “The Greatest Gift of Life is Gratitude.”

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