Miami Beach Rock Musician Al LoJack Sheds Light on Alcoholism and Dreams Deferred in New Video Jack Daniels

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4 min readMay 28


MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA — May 28, 2023 — Rock musician and songwriter Al LoJack, hailing from Miami Beach, Florida, has released a powerful new video titled “Jack Daniels.” Through his thought-provoking lyrics, LoJack delves into the devastating effects of alcoholism, narrating the story of a young trans woman whose dreams have been derailed, leading her to a life of homelessness.

LoJack’s poignant lyrics convey the struggles faced by the protagonist, whose search for solace and company leads her down a path of self-destruction. The song’s opening lines, “Try to find myself some company…well why not? To find myself crawling on my knees…no tall hat,” paint a vivid picture of despair and the desire to escape reality.

In “Jack Daniels,” LoJack skillfully incorporates the brand name to emphasize the allure and destructive power of alcohol. The lyrics further illustrate the hold it has over the protagonist, with lines such as “Sip another glass of fuckin’ booze…let’s enjoy that” and “And Jack Daniels never said to me…don’t ever try that.” The song confronts the tragic consequences of addiction while shedding light on the societal issues surrounding alcoholism.

Staged against the backdrop of streets that could be anywhere in America, the video showcases the hardships endured by the young woman, living on park benches and inhaling the fumes of her lost past. Through visual storytelling, LoJack captures the somber atmosphere of her existence and invites viewers to confront the profound impact of addiction.

With “Jack Daniels,” Al LoJack once again demonstrates his ability to craft compelling narratives and tackle important social issues through his music. His last video release Psycho Submarine, showcased…

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