Miami Beach Musician Al LoJack Conjures a Melodic Spell: “Cigarette” Single and Video Ready to Ignite Hearts

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3 min readDec 20, 2023
Al LoJack Performs Cigarette


Miami Beach, FL — December 21, 2023

Miami Beach’s very own musical maestro, Al LoJack, is about to set the music scene ablaze with his latest single and accompanying video release, “Cigarette,” slated to drop on December 21st.

LoJack, known for his eclectic melodies, cinematic videos and captivating guitar riffs , takes listeners on a journey of love and passion with “Cigarette.” The song, wrapped in a melody that’s as smooth as the Miami breeze, tells a tale of romance, desire, and the intoxicating allure of connection.

The accompanying music video, a visual masterpiece weaves a narrative of love through striking imagery. Couples revel in moments of bliss — from exhilarating motorcycle rides against the backdrop of the city lights to intimate encounters on the sun-kissed beaches of Miami. The visuals are a celebration of love, connection, and the shared joy of being together.

The video subtly addresses the poignant theme of smoking, interweaving scenes of couples enjoying a cigarette amidst their romantic escapades. It’s not a preachy message; instead, it gently reminds viewers of the proverbial “elephant in the room” — the potential health risks associated with smoking. LoJack’s artistic approach allows audiences to reflect on the nuances of life while appreciating the beauty of human connection.

The lyrics of “Cigarette” serve as the poetic backbone to this musical journey. Lines like “Take my soul then you take my life” and “Have another cigarette” resonate with a raw honesty that adds depth to the overall narrative.

As the video reaches its conclusion, a poignant reminder surfaces — Al stutters the word “CA, Ca, Ca CANCER,” seamlessly transitioning into a blistering solo. This brief yet impactful moment serves as a sobering reflection on the potential consequences of certain choices.



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