Look Who’s Back. It’s Al LoJack!

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4 min readNov 5, 2018

South Beach Entrepreneur By Day Quirky Rocker By Night Launches New Website and New Music

South Beach Rocker Al LoJack

Miami Beach, FL

It’s been a minute since South Beach Rocker Al LoJack gripped one of his favorite guitars(always a custom fender strat) and conceptualized a killer rift. It’s what he loves to do but it’s not easy being A Jack of Al Trades (see what we did there).

As the CEO of a successful plumbing company and Real Estate Developer, it has been a challenge finding the time to fuel his music and artistic passions, but LoJack says it is a labor of love worth pursuing.

“Writing, singing, and playing music, feeds my spirit and restores my soul,” he said.

Al has once again partnered with She Got Game Media, an award-winning PR Agency in Miami, to expose his music to a growing fan base and collaborate on new creative projects including a new website and video shoots.

“Our team is excited to work with Al again said She Got Game Media President Tandi Wilder. Actually that’s the wrong word. It’s more fun than work. Al has a wicked sense of humor that also comes through in his music.”

Musician Al LoJack

An innovator, Al LoJack was born to create. His unique, diverse sound, mingles with influences from a wide-range of artists that were prominent in shaping his raw universe of possibilities. He credits the music of Jimmy Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Motown, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Adele, U2, Green Day, Queen, and a host of other incredible artists for stirring his creative juices and igniting his own internal flame.

Born somewhere here on planet Earth and raised along the sandy coastlines of Miami Beach, LoJack was engulfed by the beauty of hard beach bodies, swaying palms, cool breezes, and hot muggy nights. This paradise backdrop continues to fuel his compositional themes; however, his music genuinely reflects the lives he’s lived every day. From guitar riffs and lyrics that roughen the soul like those heard in “Marshall,” a silent tribute to a favorite uncle; to a more conceptually weird yet relatable tune “Jack Daniels,” where a drink talks to you as a storm blows through your brain — LoJack’s an artist on the fringe.

There is, however, a lighter side to his intensity; a smooth flavor that listeners can feast on for some no-nonsense emotional boy-girl drama. “Bitch Girl,” “You Don’t Have To Go,” and “Another Man” are all worthy examples that showcase LoJack’s caustic sense of irony while remaining true to his bold, guitar-riff infused signature style.

Al LoJack’s music is like an intricate spectrum of light beams achieving their perfect point within a listener’s ever changing mood. Three clear examples of his cutting-edge compositional range are most evident in “Psycho Submarine,” “Lo Jack,” and “InsanaPop,” — these are mesmerizing and conceptually rich compositions that take the listener on a trip without ever leaving their favorite chair. When asked about these tunes LoJack says, “It’s unintentionally intentional,” and smiles a wicked smile.

Some of his other inspirations and partners in crime include his animals. LoJack is a serious pet lover. He has three dogs, Beetle, an Apple Head Chihuahua, Cricket, a Jack Russell Terrier mut, and Diva, a Terrier-Cattle mixed mut, all of which are rescue dogs. There’s also Puchy a blue fronted amazon parrot. His other partner in crime, Daisy, pictured in many of his photos, passed away recently, but Al remembers her fondly as his musical muse.

As for the music, LoJack is in the midst of producing a new video and releasing some of his unpublished music. His videos You Don’t Have to Go and LoJack have been popular on Social Media with fans wanting to see and hear more from this creative South Beach guitarist.

Gripping his guitar once again, LoJack encourages his fans to, “go out and get your LoJack and get your love back!”

Learn more about Al LoJack. Visit his website at allojack.com. For interviews contact Tandi Wilder at She Got Game Media. (305) 520–9703 or sggmedia305@gmail.com



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