Kendra Erika Releases Official ‘Self Control’ Music Video

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Los Angeles, California February 1, 2019

The music video ‘Self Control,’ opens with a handsome man in overalls painting a beautiful young woman. Behind closed doors the woman peeks in. Cut to her then out in the elements. She seems to be lured by the nightlife in the city and considers herself among the creatures of the night, comfortable in the dance clubs. There is a longing of what may have been, but there’s no time to look back. The artist himself is also searching for something or someone. He sets out on his own journey. Are these two star-crossed lovers? The video leaves us wondering. Will the woman in the painting and the artist meet again?

Kendra Erika, a singer, songwriter and recording artist from South Florida has claimed the top spot on the Billboard Dance Charts with her hit single, “Self Control.” The video release of the hot single offers Kendra’s fans a visual storyline. “There’s always a more subtle message in my music,” said the Boca Raton rising star. “The music video interpretation brings that element out even more.”

“Self Control” represents Kendra Erika’s 3rd top 10 song in less than two years. The single updates pop diva Laura Branigan’s original which reached number 2 on the chart and number 4 on the Hot 100 in 1984. Kendra Erika’s single was remixed by Moto Blanco, Dirty Werk, and the tandem of Ralphi Rosario and Erick Ibiza, among others.

Kendra Erika is currently promoting her “Self Control” Tour.

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