Kendra Erika Gets ‘Confidential’ With Valentine’s Day Release of a Hot New Single and Music Video

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Los Angeles, California

Billboard Dance Chart Buster Kendra Erika of Boca Raton, Florida is releasing her new song “Confidential,” on social media in the form of lyric “clues” for fans to peep, counting down to an official Music Video Reveal on YouTube on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

The countdown to the Official Music Video Release begins Friday, February 8th. Kendra Erika will share social media posts of her lyrics daily and offer fans a Spotify streamable link to hear “Confidential.”

On Valentine’s Day fans can go to Kendra Erika’s YouTube Channel to subscribe, like and view the Official “Confidential,” Music Video.

Kendra Erika, who scored the top single Self Control on the Billboard Dance Charts this year, explains the messaging behind her latest song and new video release:

“In today’s world a relationship between two people can be compromised with social media being such a tempting entity to exercise external validation. Exploiting your intimate connection for public eyes is something to be aware of. When writing “Confidential” I wanted to bring that sentimental nature back in helping people maintain that intimacy and mystery in their private dynamic, said Kendra Erika.”

Make sure you follow Kendra Erika on social media @kendraerikamusic to see the daily “Confidential” Lyric posts and don’t miss the revealing Valentine’s Day Official Music Video Release of “Confidential.”For more about Kendra Erika. Visit

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