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Julia + Roselo | An American Story

Diverse Influences; Latin, African, and Native American, Converge to Bring this Unique Florida Adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Inspired by Spain’s Most Prolific Playwright and Poet, Lope de Vega

Miami, FL

If you’ve enjoyed the story of Romeo and Juliet, the classic tale of two feuding families and a couple of star-crossed lovers, there’s a unique adaption you won’t want to miss; Julia + Roselo/An American Story.

Grace Arts FL, a South Florida Non-profit Arts Center, premieres this adaption on Friday, May 10th, 7:30pm-9pm at the Broward County Main Library Theater, 100 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL. And on May 17th and 18th at the historic African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, 6161 Northwest 22nd Avenue, Miami, FL.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

With Julia + Roselo/An American Story, Grace Arts, FL, brings a talented, diverse cast of actors, choreographers, classically trained dancers, and more, to perform an authentically American telling of the story set in La Florida, as written by Spain’s most prolific playwright and poet, Lope de Vega.

Julia +Roselo/An American Story will feature actors from the Shakespeare Troupe of South Florida, dancers with The Zest Collective (New York City), Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami, Emily Ricca Collective, and Yetzabel Arias Fernandez (Concert Soprano — Miami), with visual art by Cuban-American Painter, Alejandro Leyva (Miami) and music composed by classical guitarist Alberto Puerto with Ivet Riscart Lopez.

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In this series of ‘Shakespeare’s La Florida,’ we re-imagine a pre-statehood Florida, transitioning from Spanish territory to ‘America’ and influenced by centuries of diversity and multiple claims to land that is home to many proud indigenous tribes.

“The surprise ending encourages audiences to read about the rich tapestry of art and history uniquely Florida.” said Clare Vickery, the play’s Director and Founder of Grace Arts FL.

Vickery said this fast-moving adaptation of a three Act play features classical and contemporary dance with Hispanic, African American and Native American musical selections.

For more information about the play Julia + Roselo or to interview Director Clare Vickery of Grace Arts FL. and/or members of the cast and crew contact She Got Game Media (305) 520–9703 or email

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