I’m The Plug by Moe Love

Trying to Fly with One Wing, Volume Two

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Miami, FL

For Immediate Release

Florida Author Moe Love’s much anticipated second work of fiction titled I’m The Plug, is a riveting story that continues the saga of a Tone, a drug dealer on the rise.

Moe Love has accomplished, in his second book, what is sure to become an urban classic. Tone’s compelling story continues as he overcomes one heartbreaking betrayal after another during his quest to become Newport’s wealthiest drug lord. He was betrayed by his partners, family members, as well as his beloved mentor, but Tone was far too driven for heartbreak or betrayal to derail his intended goal of doing more than merely surviving. His ambition and desire to take care of his family were enough to propel him to the top of the food chain and produce one of the most prolific drug dealers of our time.

I’m the Plug, is available as a paperback and ebook. It is for sale on iUniverse.

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About Moe Love

Author Moe Love was born, raised and educated in the inner city. He earned an Associate degree in general studies from a community college. He then transferred to complete his education. Unable to find gainful employment in the job market, he turned his attention and skills towards writing urban stories. His debut novel, The Inner City Concrete Jungle, displayed his raw talents. Now for his encore performance he releases volume two of the series, Trying to Fly with One Wing, entitled, I’m The Plug.

To interview Moe Love about I’m The Plug or The Inner City Concrete Jungle, contact She Got Game Media (sggmedial305@gmail.com).

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