Get to Know South Florida Fertility Expo Speaker Lauren Palm

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Lauren Palm
Lauren Palm

Miami, FL

Lauren Palm is the Senior Surrogacy Coordinator at Surrogate Solutions. Her initial experience with Surrogacy came first-hand through being a surrogate. She had read about it and thought “I could do that.” She knew she had a special gift she was able to give and reached out to Surrogate Solutions.

Lauren was matched with a local couple in need of some help creating their family. There was an instant feeling of warmth and connection when they initially met and as they started their journey a friendship easily formed over their shared venture of bringing twins into this world. Lauren describes her experience in one word, Joy. She felt so much joy not only in her ability to give them this gift of growing their children and watching them become parents, but also in the way she was able to nurture their glimmer of hope after so much failure and loss and turn their hope into the joy of being parents. While many surrogates take the path of multiple surrogacies to keep spreading the joy, Lauren felt compelled to become the guide and reached out to the owner of Surrogate Solutions about growing the company.

Lauren is now in her eighth year with Surrogate Solutions and still loves sitting down with Intended parents and listening to their stories of what they’ve been through to get here and giving them that initial glimmer of hope. She enjoys getting to know surrogates and helping them fulfill their own desire to help. Lauren still takes pride in finding everyone the right match, so they too get to experience the joy. She has learned a lot over the years, while watching the industry grow and change. She jokes that she now has the equivalent of a Masters degree in health insurance education with all of the hours spent learning and navigating the changes every single year. It is her goal that even as the company and industry both continue to change and grow, she will still provide that intimate level of care as she guides others on their own journeys.

Lauren graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Sociology. Having previously worked in both the Fitness and Food & Wine industries prior to discovering surrogacy, she remains a fitness enthusiast and foodie. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her two sons and loves boating and spending time on the water when she isn’t cheering for her boys playing baseball and hockey.

Meet Lauren Palm! Join us for the 2nd Annual South Florida Fertility Expo on Saturday, April 27 a one-day event providing resources for your wellness and fertility journey.

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available. For further information and to purchase tickets go to ​​. You can also follow the show on social media at @SoFlofertilityexpo or join us on Facebook.

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