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Discover the world of Anita Sax Books; extraordinary stories for children that educate, motivate, and ignite the imagination. Author Anita Sax was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. “My passion for writing began at a young age after a school project led me to write my first short story. I have been writing ever since!”

Anita finds that teaching children through reading is not only fun but also an essential tool. Each of her books is educational in one way or another- from colors, animals and positive reinforcement, to health and fitness. There’s something for everyone.

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Anita Sax Books

Each book is softly padded, colorful and beautifully illustrated. Anita’s latest book, “Desiree in Disarray,” tells the story of a little girl named Desiree who is always in disarray and does not know why, until a young boy in her school helps her find the answer. Anita Sax Books are available at They are also available in eBook format.

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Desiree in Disarray by Anita Sax

Anita’s other talents include singing and acting. She co-wrote, “Oh Can’t You See?” a Christmas song which she performs on YouTube.

During the 90’s, Anita appeared in soap operas and did voice-over work for Televisa, Hispanic America’s largest multimedia mass media company.
She is an avid animal lover and has rescued many dogs from the streets of Mexico.

Personal quote: “I am a writer, period.”

For media interviews or to book Anita Sax for a storytime at your school or event, contact publicist Tandi Wilder at She Got Game Media. (305–520–9703).

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