Former Hospitality Exec Angela Durant Is On A Mission to Help Creatives Build a Brilliant Brand

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Angela Durant/Founder Be Brilliant Movement

Burlington, NJ

Angela Durant, a Former Hospitality Executive describes herself as an…

“Escape Artist.”

“I teach my clients how to Escape the stories that have them stuck, escape the beliefs that are limiting them, and escape the environments that want them to play small,” said Durant.

Durant knows what it feels like to be trapped career-wise. She said she escaped the drama of an unfulfilling corporate job and happily launched her own company and brand; The Be Brilliant Movement. The platform capitalizes on her leadership, speaking, and branding talents and helps her assist others who want to, “escape.”

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“I use to tie my value to my corporate job. The higher I climbed the ladder of success, the better I felt about myself — until I was let go,” said Durant. What I learned was that when you leave any corporate environment, you take your brilliance with you. It’s not the job that makes you remarkable, it is what you carry within you, that defines your value,” said Durant.”

And that’s exactly what the Be Brilliant Movement is destined to do; to help entrepreneurs bring out their brilliance. Durant describes brilliance as “that special magic that lives inside of you, so that you show up powerfully in business and in life.”

Through her uber popular private Facebook group, “Embrace Your Brilliance. Discover Your Freedom.” Durant is building a loyal following of mostly female creatives who are eager to learn how to elevate their own brands and create a legacy for their families.

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Among her most popular offerings is an 8-week Brand Intensive Program with a small class of 10 (via zoom), which is laser focused on helping her client’s build successful brands. Among the modules she teaches include:

  • The Secret Sauce of Iconic Brands
  • How to Uncover Your Tribe
  • Create Your Aesthetics
  • Get Results
  • Build Your Team

“When it comes to branding Angela is a Pro, said Annetta Wilson, Founder & CEO of Speak with Ease. I learned things from her, I never even thought about. She is helping me rebrand my entire business, attract the right clients, more of them, make more money and have a greater impact in the world.”

“There are so many brilliant and creative women who simply don’t know how to showcase their talent and gifts, said Durant. The Be Brilliant Movement aims to help them not only share their personal brand story but to also show them how to monetize it.”

For more information visit the Be Brilliant Movement Website

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About Angela Durant

Angela Durant is a Leadership and Brand Strategist. Her Be Brilliant Movement helps individuals and organizations discover and deliver their brilliance to the world. She does this through speaking, coaching, consulting, and training.

To interview Angela Durant or invite her to speak at your virtual event contact Publicist Tandi Wilder at She Got Game Media (305) 520–9703/


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