Florida Techie’s New App i-Launched Helps Everyone from Millennials to Boomers Sell Their Ideas to Companies

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Rashanna Henderson’s I-Launched

Miami, Florida

“We don’t get to choose the circumstances in which we are born. We can choose our ultimate destiny.”

This is the deeply held philosophy espoused by Rashanna Henderson, tech professional turned innovation entrepreneur. Her new start up i-Launched that allows users to sell ideas to companies, is rooted in this very premise. Henderson believes that everyone has great ideas; now you can sell them directly to companies with the i-Launched app.

Henderson’s background which includes 10 years of working for Fortune 500 companies in the financial and technology services industries, has etched one thing in her mind, technology is one of the most powerful tools, if not the most powerful tool of connection shaping our world and impacting our daily lives.

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i-Launched App

Here’s how i-Launched works:

Everyone has an idea about something whether it is adding a new feature to an appliance such as a microwave, improving air travel experience, submitting song lyrics for a hit song, increasing non profit organization’s donations, etc.

Individuals with these and all other great ideas download the App and create an account as an Innovator to submit idea(s). Companies create a Company account and review and potentially purchase and develop the innovator’s idea. i-Launched is the platform that connects Innovators directly to companies.

i-Launched is not just a company but a community of like-minded people, a global movement that says collectively we are the change, our circumstances matter no more,” said Henderson. “No matter who we are, we all have ideas that can create and/or improve products and services that will make all of our lives better,” she added.

i-Launched is available in the Apple store and on Google Play.

When she is not passionately building i-Launched and volunteering, Henderson is engaged in many favorite activities including spending time with her family, watching documentaries, debating social and political issues with anyone who will listen, and traveling the world. She resides in South Florida.

More About i-Launched

i-Launched is an easy-to-use global online platform that allows users to submit ideas and search for ideas for review, development, and funding.

i-Launched strongly believes that every person who is inspired to create and has an idea to make the world a better place should have a platform and the opportunity to share it. Whether you are an Innovator who wants to submit an idea or a Company searching for your next innovation welcome to i-Launched.

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