Florida International University Creates A Mobile Canvas For Artists To Experiment

The Mobile Art Pavilion Will Bring Art To Your Community

For Immediate Release) Miami, Fl.

There’s something really cool brewing in the architecture labs at Florida International University-a multi-use mobile art pavilion that will soon be available in South Florida communities.

The project, a partnership between Grace Arts Florida and Florida International University, developed out of necessity — necessity to take gallery content beyond gallery walls into the community for more exposure for the artists. And the pavilion as a performance venue developed as a way to promote popular short plays, pop-up events, and full length dramas or try out various endings or content of a play before it is complete.

“I was happy to sponsor and participate in the studio personally which was led by Adjunct Faculty, Architect and Designer, Claudia Busch, who founded BBA (Berenblum Busch Architects) with her husband, said Clare Vickery of Grace Arts, FL. Several of the region’s leading architects and boutique contractors poured into the students and this project over the winter months and we are very grateful for their input.”

Collaborating with Ms. Busch are Professor Shahin Vassigh, Director of Research and Technology Development and Hadi Alhaffar, Lab Coordinator, Research Associate | Robotics & Digital Fabrication Lab, College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts | School of Architecture at Florida International University.

As a concept the pavilion uses art as a tool of direct engagement with the community to inspire audiences to visit specific historic sites or to create vibrancy in an area that is undergoing revitalization.

“We studied the early origins of the pavilion as a place of refuge for the kings and military leaders on long journeys and how they evolved to places of worship and contemplation and eventually places for entertainment and public gatherings.”

Vickery said it was a natural progression to design a pavilion as both public and private — and thus a place one might actually want to live within. The pavilion had to be waterproof, self-powered and modular so that it could be disassembled and stored or moved easily with a standard car and packing gear.

“We contemplated designs that if properly modified could not only serve the artist but also a resident. It could house maybe short term a displaced person because of extreme weather or economic hardship in a very dignified and cost effective setting,” Vickery added.

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Lead architect and instructor/Claudia Busch

Vickery said the pavilion will be as inspiring in its design as the art it shares. “The hope is to begin fabrication of the pavilion this summer with the help of community partners. We are looking for developers, parks and museum directors and sponsors who might want to have the pavilion come to their property and share inspired art with their audiences and residents,” said Vickery.

For more information about the Mobile Art Pavilion, sponsorship opportunities and partnerships, please contact Clare Vickery of Grace Arts Florida at 954–816–3324 or email clare.m.vickery@att.net.

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