Florida Funding Guru R.A. Morris is on a Mission to Save Covid -19 Affected Businesses

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Funding Expert R.A. Morris Helps Small Businesses Needing Alternative Funding Get Loans, Prosper and Grow

Miami, Florida

R.A. Morris, President/CEO of 133 Approved Funding Inc. is on a mission. It involves moving quickly to help people who need business funding.

He knows Covid-19 has dealt a financial blow to many small business owners. And even though there are some resources aimed to help, there are many businesses that don’t qualify for a Small Business Administration Loan or were simply too late to apply for the Care’s Act Paycheck Protection Program.

“I specialize in helping these small businesses get the cash they need fast! When the banks can’t help you, my team can!,” said Morris.

As an executive in the insurance and finance business for 15 years, Morris said he’s seen many clients in desperate need of working capital to grow or save their business. For a variety of reasons most banks were turning them down for loans. Now with the Covid-19 Pandemic many of these same banks are taking an even harder line.

With a passion to assist small business owners, Morris works as a conduit for alternative funding for small business owners. He does so as an independent agent with David Allen Capital, 7figurescredit.com and other credible lending sources.

“For the past 7 years my team has successfully provided working capital for businesses that want or need to grow,” said Morris.

So who is his ideal client? “The business owner that is in need of capital to start a business, an internet marketer that needs funds to buy inventory, that business that is weeks or days away from losing their dream and closing their doors. And the business that closed their doors recently due to lack of funds,” said Morris.

The process to get funding is very simple and it’s free to apply, Morris said. “You fill out 1 pre qualification application that will not affect your credit. Pre-approval can be obtained in 24 hours and you can be funded fully within 3 to 7 business days,” he added.

To interview Financial Expert R.A. Morris. or book him as a guest on your business show contact She Got Game Media at (305) 520–9703.

About R.A. Morris

Roosevelt Morris aka R.A. is an author, award-winning Finance and Funding expert, Retired Marine and the President/CFO of 133 Approved Funding Inc., with over 9 years in the finance and mortgage business. His tenacity for small business success is in keeping with his Marine Corps creed of “never leave a brother or sister behind.”

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