Car Shopping in South Florida? This Instagram Site Could Save You Money

Targeted to Savvy Millennials the Instagram Site ‘Car Shoppers Deals’ Showcases Some of the Best Auto Dealership Promotions

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Miami, Florida

So you need a new car and you want a great deal. Of course you’ll have to prepare to bargain and negotiate, unless you use one of those online sites with a fixed price; but what if you had access to an Instagram site full of the best local auto dealership promotions. Would you check it out? The folks who run the Instagram Page ‘Car Shoppers Deals’ are betting that you will, because they say a visit to their feed could save you money.

Car Shoppers Deals, is a new service that researches and curates the best online promotional offers from South Florida auto dealerships, auto services and repair shops.

We want to empower South Florida car shopping consumers by saving them time and money, said Tandi Wilder, the CEO of, the Marketing Agency which launched the service.”

“You will see a variety of vehicles for sale on our platform, but we aren’t selling cars,” said Wilder. And we are not trying to compete with dealership marketing sites like or”

Wilder said what Cars Shoppers Deals offers is a promotional service that highlights South Florida Auto Dealerships’ very best deal be it cash back, an oil change, money off the downpayment, special holiday promotion, etc. “Dealerships can promote on our platform to highlight their best deal and consumers can browse our feed to check out the bargains. They also have the option of sending us a direct message if they want a member of our team to contact the dealership on their behalf with any questions about the deal,” said Wilder.

The interest for these kinds of car shopping bargains is there. According to recent studies, approximately 86 percent of car shoppers conduct online research before deciding to visit a local dealership.

You can check it out for yourself. Visit @CarShoppersDeals on Instagram.

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