Byppo Technologies CEO Victoria Liu Donates Her Innovative Mobile-Ordering App to Help Embattled Restaurants in South Florida Deliver Contactless and Curbside Meals to Customers

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Victoria Liu, Founder/CEO of BYPPO Technologies

Miami, FL

Now that Social Distancing is an every day reality amid the coronavirus outbreak, food meal delivery apps are making major changes to help protect both their customers and drivers.

No-contact drop-off, cleaning supplies for delivery crews and financial relief funds for drivers are among the measures businesses like Uber Eats, Grubhub and others have adopted in response to the virus.

Now BYPPO Technologies based in Gainesville, Florida, is taking it up a notch with a free web-based app for its restaurant partners that integrates online curbside pickup with absolute minimal contact.

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Local restaurants in Gainseville, Florida such as Sublime Tacos, Cilantro Tacos, Patticakes, and Prum’s Kitchen have signed on as BYPPO’S mobile-ordering and concessions app so that restaurant customers can decrease their chances of acquiring the coronavirus by using express pick-up and curbside pickup services.

“Our online curbside pickup service allows for absolute minimal contact,”said Victoria Liu, Founder/CEO of BYPPO Technologies. And as a public service during this very challenging time, we are offering our services for FREE for the entire community — all restaurants and customers can use it for FREE right now to help mitigate the effects and spread of the coronavirus,” Liu said.

Here’s how it works: Byppo currently offers vendors and customers 5 different service options — pre-ordering, express pick-up, curbside pick up, table delivery, and in-seat delivery. Almost all their services focus on minimal physical contact between the vendor/restaurant and the customer, which is something everyone one is concerned about currently.

Liu said to onboard a new restaurant, no hardware or software download is necessary. The only thing a restaurant needs is a tablet/iPad or laptop to login to the Byppo vendor portal via their website to track orders coming in.

They on-board new clients and can have their online store up and running in less than 48 hours. Byppo also provides custom links to their clients (For example, and which takes customers directly to their store so that customers can order immediately.

“Byppo is one of the most user friendly platforms that I have experienced, said Nataly Meth, Owner of Cilantro Tacos in Gainseville, FL.” It is a great way to showcase our products while being efficient in ordering and customer outreach. Byppo allows us to connect with customers individually through an easy platform. We are able to customize our products and service without compromising time and individuality. We are so proud to be part of the Byppo team!”

Liu said BYPPO runs special promotions with all their restaurant partners, keeping customers who order happy. “For example, so far all our restaurants take $1 off a customer’s first order when ordering through Byppo and we run a weekly $25 raffle giveaway for customers that place an order at Cilantro Tacos (@ Town of Tioga location). This is something exclusive only through ordering through the Byppo app.” said Liu.

“I want to help share the news that we are offering this service for free to all and to other restaurants as well, because I believe this can really help the current situation and keep everyone safe,” said Liu.

To become a Byppo vendor you can register on the website at

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