Hans Charles of the Oscar-nominated 13th and Menelek Lumumba launch 1 Angry Black Man Indiegogo Film campaign

May 3, 2017

Press Release-For Immediate Release

Miami, Florida

Hans Charles, Cinematographer for the Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, and his creative partner Menelek Lumumba have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to produce their first feature film “1 Angry Black Man.” Lumumba will direct the film, Charles will serve as Executive Producer and Cinematographer.

“Menelek and I are very excited about “1 Angry Black Man,” and are hopeful our friends and the film community will support us in our Indiegogo effort to bring this project to audiences,” said Charles. Like Ava DuVernay’s “13th,” we believe this work is timely and speaks truth to power creatively on film.”

1 Angry Black Man is a feature length film that is conceptual. It unfolds in real time in a black studies course in a college classroom. Mike the protagonist, is a senior from Chicago and the only African-American male in the class. He is eight weeks to graduation, and an aspiring lawyer. He has also gone through something traumatic. We learn more about the trauma throughout the course of the film.

“Think of it as a slightly different take on the Hollywood drama 12 Angry Men,” said Director Menelek Lumumba. “Issues of race, gender, sexuality, and politics are discussed in the course. As the film progresses, the room feels smaller and the tone shifts to showcase Mike’s personal horror.”

Menelek and Charles say Mike’s isolation mirrors the emotional distress many Black men feel in America. He argues his points against a wall of opposition. His former allies start to become enemies and all he has left is….anger.

Books discussed include…The Invisible Man, The Fire Next Time, Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. The narrative of the piece comes to an inevitably violent conclusion.

“The conversations in this film are necessary in our current social and political climate, says Executive Producer Charles. There is so much “noise;” with everyone talking at each other instead of to each other. Menelek and I believe 1 Angry Black Man is a film that is worthy of your support, if for no other reason, than to spark more meaningful dialogue and compassion for the issues faced by many of today’s black men,” said Charles.

About Hans Charles

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Hans Charles, Executive Producer/Cinematographer of 1 Angry Black Man

About Hans Charles

Hans Charles is a cinematographer, professor, and filmmaker with ten years in the film industry

He has shot for a range of directors including Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, Nefertite Nguvu, Salim Akil, Gloria LeMort and countless others. Charles’ films have won a BAFTA (British Academy Award) and have been nominated for an Oscar and Independent Spirit Award. His projects have screened at festivals all over the world including, The New York Film Festival, The Urban World Film Festival, the New York City Latino Film Festival, OutFest, the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Zanzibar Film Festival, the BlackStar film festival, and HBO, ESPN, Netflix and Hulu.

Charles created and hosts a weekly film podcast with his creative partner and Menelek Lumumba called the Back of the Theater podcast. He and Menelek just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their feature 1 Angry Black Man. Hans is also principal partner at Align Pictures with producers Caroline Onikute and Cordielle Street. Mr. Charles resides in Washington, D.C. with his wife and two children.

About Menelek Lumumba

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Menelek Lumumba, Director of 1 Angry Black Man

Menelek Lumumba was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado College in English and Film Studies. He studied Cinema at Howard University’s Master of Arts program. His screenplay “In My Skin” was named a finalist for the 2010 Colorado International Film Festival and the 3rd Annual Rap-It-Up/Black AIDS Short Subject Film Competition.

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