#1 Billboard Dance Artist Kendra Erika Entertains Matters of the Heart With New Single “A Deeper Love”

Her Pulsating Song Pays Tribute to Mothers and All Worthy of a Deeper Love

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Kendra Erika

Miami, FL

#1 Billboard dance artist Kendra Erika and Grammy Award winning producer Damon Sharpe unite for a fifth time on “A Deeper Love,” their powerful new song that urges listeners to dig deeper into matters of the heart.

“We millennials have spread ourselves too thin by searching for approval and validation on social media from people we don’t even know,” Kendra explains.

She believes millennials need to concentrate on the important people in their lives and find ways to express their love more tangibly and substantially so that the person on the receiving end really feels it. “That may mean exposing our vulnerability and even risking rejection,” she warns.

“A Deeper Love” is being released globally and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major retailers as well as for streaming through Pandora and Spotify. Its music video is on YouTube.

“I believe the word ‘love’ has many layers,” Kendra reflects from her South Florida home. Be it love for your mom, your dad, a significant other, “The deepest layer of love can only be attained when we start seeing the good and potential in everyone.”

“At the end of the day, we are all human and in order to achieve A Deeper Love, we must love and respect one other equally,” she says.

Kendra Erika is a singer/songwriter based in South Florida. She was trained in classical and jazz music, but draws inspiration from artists like Lana Del Rey, Solange, Ellie Goulding, and London Grammar who make sentimental music that is felt in the bones. She successfully employs bold and often poetic messages to her club beats.

Her first single, “Oasis,” climbed to #9 on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2016. “Under My Skin” reached #6 in the summer of 2017 and “Self Control,” released in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Laura Branigan’s classic song, hit the #1 spot in January 2019.

All were produced by Damon Sharpe, a producer who has worked with a wide array of pop artists including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland, Monica, 98 Degrees, Anastacia, and Natalie Cole.

To learn more about Kendra Erika & “A Deeper Love”, visit KendraErika.com Follow her on Facebook @ KendraErikaMusic, Twitter @ Kendra_Erika and Instagram @ kendraerikamusic.

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