Cassandra Moultrie’s Her Voice Her Story Podcast aims to motivate and inspire women of color over age 40 to find their voices and pursue the dreams they have put on pause. Every woman has a story; those stories deliver truth and promote self-worth and once shared have the power to bring about positive changes.

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Podcast Host Cassandra Moultrie

Tell us what motivated you to start the Her Voice Her Story Podcast?

The motivation to start the podcast came from seeing the need for more positive stories about women of color.

What types of women do you like to feature on the show?

I like to feature women that are not considered “celebrities” but are change agents and quiet forces that are doing great things.

What’s your background? And where are you from?

I am a Southern girl; born and raised in a small town in Alabama. …

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New York, New York

The death of Spain’s Don Carlos, Prince of Asturias, on July 24, 1568, remains an enigma.

Several accounts insinuated that the Spanish Crown Prince was murdered while incarcerated by order of his father, King Philip II.

The mystery of Don Carlos’s death, supported by ambassadorial accounts that implied foul play, became a fertile subject for defamation campaigns against Philip, fostering an extraordinary fluidity between history and fiction.

New York author Maria-Cristina Necula’s new book, The Don Carlos Enigma: Variations of Historical Fictions, was born from her PhD dissertation. …

Q&A With Roy Lewis The Mastermind Behind Miami’s Supreme Creations

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Ray Lewis CEO of Supreme Creations
Supreme Creations Music Video

Roy Lewis is the CEO of Supreme Creations in Miami and a popular go to videographer and photographer; especially among the city’s young creatives. We caught up with him recently to get to know more about him, his craft, and his next big creation.

What is Supreme Creations?

Supreme Creations is a Media Productions Company.

When was it created?

It was created in November 2019.

What services do you offer?

I offer services such as editing, creative directing, camera operating, videography/photography, drone work, music videos and commercials.

How much do you charge to edit?

My current…

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Miami Beach, Florida

What happens when an otherwise faithful musician is seduced by his girlfriend’s sexy best friend? Not exactly what you might imagine when it goes down in an Al LoJack video. The South Beach Rocker released Treat Her Nice a hilarious video, produced pre-covid with all kinds of shenanigans going down. LoJack is known for his over the top video productions showcasing guitar rifts and rising star Miami models and actresses. “Treat Her Nice,” LoJack’s third video, was shot by an elite South Beach production company.

“There’s a crazy theme to all the videos,” the South Beach…

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Paris, France

Currently based in Paris France, Parisian Music Producer Damien Ranners is taking his talents to the U.S. Market as a collaborator with talented U.S. based singers who like him are mostly inspired by EDM.

Ranners describes his signature producing style as progressive melodic house, with a pinch of Trap, and a wide background of electro R&B and hip-hop as well.

In the early 2000’s Ranners was active as a musician on the French hip-hop R&B and reggaeton scene working with French producers and UK artists like Karl Williams, Suzanne Thomas, also Mariano, Berny Craze, Menelik and more. …

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Miami, Florida

In today’s challenging real estate market and economy, Private Owner Financed Mortgage Notes are becoming more widely used and commonplace in real estate sales and can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done.

We know during these challenging times that cash is hard to come by, and people and businesses are hard pressed to keep from losing their businesses and ending up homeless, but here is one solution where credit is NOT a barrier.

At 133Approved Funding Inc., our professional contract buyers work closely with holders of private residential mortgage notes, business notes, government contracts and…

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Ashton Hills at The Spot Wynwood

Miami, Florida

Ashton Hills is a rising Gospel/Christian Hip-Hop/Rap recording artist and songwriter from Fort Myers, Florida. He is currently working on his new EP called Strictly 4 Da Streets. Date TBA.

Hills performed his current single titled, “Best Friend,” recently before an enthusiastic audience of fans at The Spot Wynwood in Miami.

Live Artist Showcase Streamed Live on social media platforms Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Roku Tv. Sponsored By The SpotWynwood and Muzic Promo. Shot and Streamed by Virtuoso Production

Hills has a great rapping flow and an even better singing voice, to make him a double threat on…

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